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Inilah Yang Terjadi di Toko Buku Ketika Tengah Malam (video)

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Yes believe it or not some bookstores still exist. In once last attempt to boost business and market their retail TYPE Bookstore which is based in Toronto, owner Joanne Saul created an emotional marketing video using stop-motion titled “Joy of Books“.
‘We have to do something other than retail,’ she said. ‘I think what makes the difference is making ourselves important to our community, because we rely on those customers.’” Joanne Saul of Type Books
This emotional marketing video has struck a chord with book lovers around the world. It’s a great example of how creative marketing can help local businesses survive in challenging markets. Remember, it’s the connection with your local community that matters and it doesn’t matter if that community is online or offline.
Now enjoy the video you book nerd.

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